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Your Property Success Podcast reveals the practical steps to investing successfully in today’s property market. Respected author and educator Jane Slack-Smith interviews Australia’s most trusted property experts and reveals how she herself has built a multimillion dollar property portfolio using a very simple, low risk method... Jane is joined by experienced renovator and property developer John Hubbard. Together they explore real 'boots on the ground’ case studies and the renovating for profit techniques used by successful investors.
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Jul 30, 2016

$25,000 profit from a 16 day renovation! We are on fire!!! says Russell.

For Russell and Heather from Victoria, the jump into becoming successful property investors took some time, over 25 years in fact... In today's episode we explore their breakthrough strategic renovation in Melbourne and hear valuable tips for investing faster using renovation...

Jul 8, 2016

Would knowing the tell tell signs of the next areas that are about to boom be valuable to you?

In todays’s epic show we are joined by the unrivalled king of Australian suburb predictions, John Edwards the founder of Residex.

John is the holder of some very valuable information that we as investors would all love to get our hands on, I’m talking about the holy grail of property investing, how to uncover up and coming hotspots.

So have your pen and paper ready, because today’s episode is full of practical tips and timeless wisdom from a true giant of Australian property investing.

Jul 4, 2016

In today’s show, we are privileged to be joined by best selling author, educator and one of the biggest names in Australian property investment, Jan Somers.

Jan has literally been responsible for changing the lives of thousands of everyday Australians through her books and teaching on property investment.

In this interview you will hear timeless and practical wisdom that you can put to use immediately and she also shares with us her amazing journey (including the mistakes) to property success.

This episode is about the fundamentals of good property investing that stand the test of time and so much more!